Bleach 19 by Tite Kubo: A

From the back cover:
The long-awaited showdown between Ichigo and Byakuya Kuchiki has finally begun. Has Ichigo succeeded in mastering bankai, the highest level of power that a Soul Reaper can attain, to face Byakuya as an equal?

After a slow first chapter, this volume kicked some butt!

I vastly enjoyed the multi-chapter battle between Ichigo and Byakuya, which was full of nifty moves and engendered much excitement. The art was especially great in this section. When Ichigo displayed some new mastery of his sword (Zangetsu), his cape fluttered in a very Zangestu fashion. Throughout he looked more cool and in control than previously. And the surprise twist at the end of chapter 165 and throughout 166 was simply awesome.

As a bonus, it looks like the Soul Reaper plot is ramping up and will be concluding soon. Plus, Ichigo’s companions finally returned to the scene. Good stuff.

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