Basara 23 by Yumi Tamura: A+

From the back cover:
War will determine who wins control of Japan—but the bonds of love and loyalty will decide the nation’s future. As the battle reaches its climax, will Shuri pursue his destiny as king or trust Sarasa’s dream of democracy? When placed on the throne of Kyoto, will Asagi turn on Sarasa? And when Sarasa is forced to choose between her love for Shuri and her loyalty to her comrades, can she make the right decision?

While the last volume left me stunned at its conclusion, this one made me a bit sniffly in its opening chapter. So much was conveyed in Shuri’s eyes as he realized that Tatara was defending him against Hagiwara’s forces.

A great deal of import happened in this volume. I really liked the flashbacks to earlier volumes when the characters are facing something momentous; it reinforced the epic scope of the work. I also loved that some of Tatara’s oldest allies had serious issues with the outcome of the battle, and were still wanting to exact revenge upon the Red King. And I loved that Asagi emerged as an unconsidered complication—no neat and tidy ending, even though our two protagonists were no longer fighting each other.

In addition to the story goodness, there were also more fun bits. As if just for me, there were a couple of side panels starring Motomichi! There was also a great panel where Nakijin and Nachi both thought of pineapples as they espied the other’s hair. It’s possible that gag has been used before, but it still amused me.

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