Boys Over Flowers 3 by Yoko Kamio: A

Book description:
Tsukushi joins Kazuya and his family for Summer vacation at their villa in Atami. Friction erupts between Kazuya and Doumyouji after the latter accidentally kisses Tsukushi during a black-out aboard his ship. Even more juicy tension develops between Shizuka and Rui, but does anything become of it?! And what will happen when Doumyouji finds out about Tsukushi’s true feelings for Rui?

This series is such good crack! I swear I want to just gobble up every bit of it I have, but I’m trying to exercise some restraint.

I find it amusing that the “friction” between Kazuya and Doumyouji takes the form of… a fishing contest. That’s just an example of how this series mixes silly comedic moments with more dramatic fare. Sometimes this doesn’t work so well, though. There’s one tense scene where Doumyouji forces himself on Tsukushi—I don’t condone this sort of behavior, but it’s riveting to read—and then right afterwards, Tsukushi’s dad is being a total goof. That’s a pretty jarring juxtaposition.

The Rui and Shizuka scenes are good in this volume too. Rui calls Shizuka out on playing with his feelings, though I’m not sure he gets that he’s essentially doing the same to Tsukushi. He’s gotta know that she fancies him, and he goes from being disinterested in her to being sweet. I like, too, that Shizuka’s not just some random love obstacle, but actually gets a subplot and character depth of her own.

I know I recently called this is a shoujo classic, but I’ll say it again. Highly recommended.

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