Hana-Kimi 22 by Hisaya Nakajo: B

From the back cover:
When Mizuki is almost caught changing clothes, the school goes wild with rumors about a mysterious girl on campus! Can our heroine keep her secret, or will she be outed and separated from Sano, just when their relationship is blossoming?

So, you’ve been keeping a secret from the one you love for ages and you’re worried they’ll hate you if you tell them now. To work up the courage to confess you:

a. seek spiritual guidance
b. get drunk
c. take up karate

If you answered C, you’re as illogical as Mizuki! And don’t forget to guard the secret of your gender by changing clothes right next to a window!

Although Mizuki’s motivation for joining karate was dumb, I did at least enjoy the scenes with the R.A.s and Mizuki where she admitted the truth and a conference was held to decide what to do about it. Sano stood by her, and there were some good scenes between them. The only annoying thing about those chapters was that flamboyant R.A. Himejima kept spouting his pretentious German phrases throughout, like he couldn’t dispense with them even for a serious situation.

I was pretty happy with the resolution to all of that, but then! In a stupid, stupid plot development, one of the R.A.s confessed to his girlfriend that he’d accidentally glimpsed another girl’s cleavage and thusly was so ashamed that he needed time to himself to deal with this “grave sin” (*eyeroll*). The rumor of a girl on campus then migrated back to Osaka High. Have I mentioned this is stupid? It’s another case of having a character do something moronic just to further the plot along. I’m glad there’s just one volume left of this series.

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