Boys Over Flowers 4 by Yoko Kamio: A-

From the back cover:
Shizuka makes a shocking announcement at her birthday party, which could create some very intriguing possibilities for Tsukushi. Could Tsukushi possibly have Rui for herself? Tsukasa, clouded by the sound of flying planes, asks Tsukushi out on a date that goes very, very wrong.

With Rui out of the way, as he followed Shizuka off to France, most of the focus in this volume was on Tsukushi and Tsukasa’s developing relationship. Though they were still not completely friendly, it was interesting that they were at least able to have some civil and semi-thoughtful conversations. I really enjoyed the chapters about their date gone wrong.

Word got out about the date, which led to an about-face in the attitudes of Tsukushi’s classmates, who assumed she was now Tsukasa’s girlfriend and began doting upon her accordingly. Though she knew their attentions were phony, she couldn’t help enjoying them to some degree. Unfortunately, this led to my least favorite part of the book, when Tsukushi apparently spent the evening with a foreigner she met in the nightclub some of her new “friends” insisted she accompany them to.

Having seen the anime, I know what truly happened, but I still found it kind of annoying. But I guess it wouldn’t be shoujo soap opera without an epic misunderstanding of this sort.

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