Boys Over Flowers 6 by Yoko Kamio: A

From the back cover:
Could Tsukushi Makino really fall under Tsukasa Doumyouji’s spell? Desire and jealousy walk hand in hand as the crazed Tsukasa seeks revenge on behalf of Tsukushi. Rui Hanazawa surprises everyone with his return from France. Tsukasa’s mixture of cruelty and compassion is as perplexing as ever.

What a difference a volume makes! Volume 5 contained some of my least favorite moments remembered from the anime, while volume 6 had some of those I liked best.

Just as Tsukushi began to feel that she could return Doumyouji’s feelings—in fact, just as she realized she could no longer claim there was “nothing” between them—Rui returned from France and threw her feelings into complete confusion. This paved the way for some really great chapters, where Rui acted strangely and Tsukushi found herself torn between the two boys—not wishing to upset the one who used to be her enemy but still drawn to the elusive Rui, who’d clearly suffered something in Paris. It all built up to an excellent final chapter.

I distinctly remember falling in love with the anime in a big way right about here, and when people describe it as operatic, it’s these events that I always think of. I could see a plot like this annoying me if not well-handled, but the lead characters are so great in Boys Over Flowers that I’m really enjoying it.

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