InuYasha 24 by Rumiko Takahashi: B

From the back cover:
In the face of a too-tempting reward, Miroku’s eagerness to investigate the cursed castle of a giant oni or “ogre” is at odds with the reluctance of Inuyasha. Is Naraku’s absence from the scene a sign of increased demon activity to come? Next, in a more lighthearted vein, a misplaced monkey-god makes mischief. Later, the reappearance of demon-slayer Sango’s little brother, Kohaku, is just the start of new complications. Who are these enemies, and what is the source of their fascination with Inuyasha…?

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I last read any InuYasha! This is a volume I didn’t review when I first read it in 2006, since I didn’t start writing them until the following month, so I’m going ahead and doing it now. The next two volumes have already been reviewed here and here.

It was a little hard to get my bearings at first, coming into the middle of a story about an ogre, but it was in this volume that the Band of Seven arc got underway, so it was a good spot from which to resume the series. The best part of the volume was the battle between Inuyasha and Jakotsu, who I liked as much for his ruthless fighting as for his propensity to comment on Inuyasha’s prettiness.

I also liked the couple of chapters dealing with the monkey sprites in search of the holy object containing their monkey god. They were pretty cute, but my favorite bit was one of their pranks (getting Inuyasha to accept a rock which became a boulder that adhered to his hand) resulting in a grumpy Inuyasha getting poked with a stick by curious village kids.

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