InuYasha 28 by Rumiko Takahashi: B+

From the back cover:
Trapped inside the holy shield of Mount Hakurei, Inuyasha’s demonic power has been stripped away, leaving him vulnerable. Will Miroku’s wind tunnel prove strong enough to break the barrier and free Inuyasha? And will Inuyasha’s strength be enough to defeat the leader of the Band of Seven, who has absorbed the Shikon Shards from his fallen comrades and become an even more formidable foe? A fierce battle is about to erupt—and Naraku is about to make a shocking appearance!

The Band of Seven arc draws to a close in this volume with a series of battles that are fun to read, despite Inuyasha just doing Wind Scar over and over. Jakotsu continues to be amusing, taunting Inuyasha with pervy comments while fighting him, and there’s some interesting stuff between the brothers, too.

As is usual for this series, there’s a lot of gore and random body parts flying around, but one particular scene takes the award for most disturbing imagery when a cave of proto-babies is uncovered during the search for Naraku. I wonder sometimes if Inuyasha shouldn’t be classified at least a little as horror, what with all the freaky stuff Takahashi seems to delight in drawing. I’ve also contemplated keeping a severed head tally box, but that just seems tacky.

Anyway, things culminate in dramatic fashion and I actually cheer the villain’s return by the end of the volume. I’m sure Inuyasha and friends will make it through, seeing as how there’s, like, twenty more volumes of this series, but I can pretend their peril is truly reason for concern.

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