InuYasha 29 by Rumiko Takahashi: B

From the back cover:
Inuyasha and the others are trapped inside Mount Hakurei with yet another newly reassembled Naraku. Meanwhile, Naraku reveals to Kikyo that his true purpose in hiding inside Mount Hakurei is to perfect an emotionless new form that could attack and even kill Kikyo without hesitation. Having finally divorced himself from Onigumo’s heart, will Naraku succeed in killing Kikyo? Inuyasha is troubled by a premonition of doom but arrives too late, finding only Kikyo’s broken bow!

Some things actually happened in this volume that surprised me, like Naraku cutting Kikyo down in battle and the explicit statement that only a few shikon shards remain uncollected. Things that failed to surprise me include the fact that Kikyo’s body was never found—I am entirely sure she will crop up again down the line—and that the chapter entitled “Inuyasha’s True Feelings” completely failed to reveal any such thing.

I liked the chapters involving Naraku’s plan to use Kagome to find the shards for him, especially since it prompted exploration of her feelings concerning Inuyasha and his lingering connection to Kikyo. I was also happy to see a brief segment occurring in the real world; seeing Inuyasha in that environment is always fun.

In all, I enjoyed the volume and its rare statement of a concrete fact, though it’s too bad I can no longer have faith in people truly being dead or things like that; it really dampens the impact of any kind of plot twist in that vein.

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