Boys Over Flowers 7 by Yoko Kamio: A

From the back cover:
Upon Rui Hanazawa’s return from France, Tsukushi’s feelings for him also return. Together, they share a tender moment that is witnessed by Tsukasa. Tsukasa is consumed with rage and swears vengeance upon both of them in spite of the well-meaning interference by his recently arrived infamous older sister!

Ah, the wonderful angst. One really has to be in a certain mood when reading this series, I think, and allow oneself to be swept along in the story’s momentum. It’s really more affecting that way and greater than the sum of its parts.

I absolutely love the fallout from Tsukushi’s kiss with Rui. She realizes how much her actions have hurt Tsukasa, and is stricken with remorse, realizing too late how much his good opinion meant to her, now that she’s lost it. She tells herself Rui is the one she chose, but can’t help comparing the two of them and finds, on an awkward date, that she can’t loosen up and be herself around Rui. All of this is great.

What’s somewhat less great is the entrance of Tsukasa’s sister. As a character, I suppose I like her fine, but her propensity to wallop on her brother gets annoying. I get the impression it was supposed to be funny, but it fails. The volume also ends on a cliffhanger that I’m not sure will lead to something I’ll like—Tsukasa pledges to get Rui and Tsukushi expelled, but I’d much rather read passionate discussions between he and Tsukushi than about threats to her academic career.

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