Boys Over Flowers 9 by Yoko Kamio: B

From the back cover:
Tsukasa is headed for New York to break away from his Tokyo life, but just before leaving Rui whispers something to him. When this news finally sinks in Tsukasa goes into another one of his frenzies. Financial troubles weigh heavy on the Makino family as Tsukushi’s father is out of a job. It becomes clear that they are completely dependent on her marrying a rich boy from Eitoku Academy. A new boy enters the scene! He is a bit of a nut, but is determined to help Tsukushi.

This volume was better than the last, since it had no wacky basketball hijinks, and was evenly enjoyable throughout, but nothing really stood out as special. The best bits were, of course, the scenes between Tsukushi and Tsukasa, particularly when she found out he was intending to leave the country. I also liked that she realized that he was partly responsible for helping her get over Eitoku’s weird atmosphere and be herself again.

The plot where Tsukushi meets another boy who helped her find a part-time job was okay, but I was annoyed he turned out to be yet another rich kid. Thinking Tsukushi was getting duped by this guy, Tsukasa also returned. This was way too soon, in my opinion. I would’ve liked to see her miss him at least a little more. But then I guess that might prompt her to decide on her feelings, and there are 27 more volumes so you know she can’t be doing that now!

A few odd things in the text also caught my attention. I can’t compare it to the original, but one scene where Rui discussed his intentions regarding Tsukushi didn’t seem to jive with his later actions. There were also a few typos. My favorite was where some creepy dudes locked a door as a “precatution.”

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