Boys Over Flowers 10 by Yoko Kamio: A-

From the back cover:
Rich boy Tsukasa returns to Japan after he discovers the true identity of Tsukushi’s “Kinsan.” Tsukushi herself is having trouble accepting his identity. Then Kinsan invites Tsukushi to a swank party where they bump into Tsukasa, who causes a major scene when Kinsan declares his intentions toward Tsukushi! Still desperate for money, Tsukushi goes to Tsukasa who comes up with a plan that everyone can benefit from. That is, if Tsukushi can win a beauty contest…!

Even though it’s obvious that Tsukushi should not go out with Kinsan (and I hope she doesn’t, ‘cos that would annoy me), this arc with him is still really fun because it prompts all sorts of great scenes between Tsukushi and Tsukasa. I can’t help but love when Kinsan tells those gathered at a party he’ll introduce them to the girl he wants to marry and Tsukasa goes “Tell me that’s not you!” I also love that Rui seems to be helping the two of them now.

And, as silly as the beauty contest is, it’s actually shaping up to look quite fun. After Tsukushi’s dad borrows from loan sharks and loses all the money at the track, she has to go and ask Tsukasa for the loan, which is a pretty big deal. Then he broaches the topic of the contest and, having been challenged by some Kinsan-lovers previously regarding it, she gets fired up enough to enter it. Tsubaki actually comes to good use here by offering to tutor her, Princess Diaries style.

So, yeah, it’s all kind of crazy, but it’s back to the kind of crazy that I like.

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