Skip Beat! 13 by Yoshiki Nakamura: B+

From the back cover:
Ren’s acting test is about to begin, with his entire future hanging in the balance, and he’s managed to make his leading lady Itsumi mad at him. Rather than confront him directly, Itsumi decides to hit him where it hurts. Will she sabotage his test, or will Ren be able to get it together and use his legendary acting ability to lead her through the scene?

I like Ren and I like that his performance in this test makes Kyoko realize that he possibly doesn’t hate her after all, but the whole thing is quite silly. The reactions of the spectators crack me up, with multi-panel shots of everyone blushing or gasping simultaneously. I think the director even falls to his knees with squee at one point. It’s a little much.

Kyoko also doesn’t feel like her usual self this volume, since mostly she’s just watching from the sidelines. The most Kyoko-like thing she does is experience envy when Ren compliments his co-star, not because of random petty jealousy but because she wants to be good enough to receive such praise from him herself. It does seem that she may be starting to develop feelings for Ren, chiefly because she devotes a fair amount of effort to convincing herself she isn’t.

This isn’t my favorite volume of Skip Beat!, but it’s still a good read. Even when the situation they’re in is a bit goofy, I still like the characters enough to keep my snickering to a minimum.

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