High School Debut 7 by Kazune Kawahara: A-

This is a pretty episodic volume, but still manages to move things forward for the characters. In the first chapter, Yoh is sick, giving Haruna the opportunity to care for him overzealously. Next, Yoh’s sister Asa is feeling insecure in her relationship with Yoh’s friend, Fumi, since he seems to easily resist her seductive powers. She entertains the notion of cheating on him, which, of course, makes Haruna want to step in and intervene. Lastly, the new school year begins, and several new freshmen boys are introduced, each of which gets stabbed by Haruna as she attempts to pin on their “new student” ribbon at the entrance ceremony.

There are some series you read that just make you happy, and High School Debut is one of those for me. I think the main thing I love is the open communication between Haruna and Yoh. He tells her what he likes about her, for instance, and they both immediately sense problems in the Asa/Fumi relationship and discuss what they ought to do about it. I really dislike it when a prolonged misunderstanding is used as a plot, so it’s such a relief to me when characters actually talk about things with each other.

I can’t believe this series is at the halfway point already! I recommend it most highly.

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