Crimson Hero 4 by Mitsuba Takanashi: B+

From the back cover:
Nobara, still confused by why she cried when she saw Yushin with his girlfriend, is trying to focus her energies on her team’s first official volleyball game against one of the top three teams in Tokyo—Tabesho High. The night before the game, Yushin gives Nobara a necklace for luck, but then brings his girlfriend with him to watch the game the next day! Nobara will have to put aside her frazzled emotions to concentrate on the match at hand.

There is just something awesomely addictive about sports manga. I am eating this up with a spoon!

So, in this volume, the girls get to actually play in a tournament. Heart strings are tugged by allowing everyone on the team—even the utter newbie—to contribute a save in a critical moment. I think I actually got a little verklempt. The match actually kind of plays out very similarly to the challenge with the boys’ team, but the overall outcome is different. It’s all quite awesome.

I also love seeing the boys triumphantly clench their fists at a girls’ match. I wish more men were so enthusiastic about womens’ sports in this country (not that I am at all a sports buff in reality).

There actually isn’t much to say about this volume beyond that. It’s still tremendous fun and I’m plowing on to volume five in a matter of moments.

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