We Were There 4 by Yuki Obata: A

wewerethere4Nana thought it was a dream come true when Yano, the boy she liked, told her that he returned her feelings and they became a couple. Some problems have become apparent in their relationship, however. Early on, Nana was willing to go along with Yano’s moods and demands since he had experienced so much tragedy in his past. Now, though, she realizes that simply accepting Yano’s odd behavior isn’t going to help him, so she begins to challenge some of his actions. Unfortunately for her, her attempts to get closer to Yano and draw out more information from him about his past and his feelings for his ex-girlfriend bring forth several revelations that seriously threaten their relationship.

We Were There is not unlike NANA in that it can be simultaneously very good and very painful to read. There’s a lot of raw emotion in this series, from Nana’s reaction to Yano’s devastating secrets to her realization that no matter how much she loves him, it isn’t enough to mend the wounds he suffered because of his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal. Yano comes off as the villain in a lot of what transpires, but it’s evident that he’s in a lot of pain, too, and probably somewhat mentally unstable.

With Nana and Yano seemingly so inevitably doomed by volume four, I honestly have no idea where the story could go from here. This is definitely not your average shojo high school romance.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Review originally published at Manga Recon.

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